AVS – a member of PSNI


AVS is a total supplier of audiovisual technology

AVS started as AV Syd in 1986, and we have been at the forefront of the revolutionary development in solutions for AV since then. You can feel safe in the knowledge of our vast experience of installations and an extensive range of high-quality products. We are based in Malmö and Gothenburg but work with projects in most of Sweden.

The PSNI Global Alliance

200+ locations globally
PSNI Certified Solution Providers are based in hundreds of locations globally—but their capabilities reach even further. PSNI project list includes virtually every major city around the world, enabling absolute assurance that your project will be expertly handled anywhere and everywhere.

AVS – a part of PSNI
AVS is proud to be part of PSNI Global Alliance, the most recognized network of technology providers for communication and collaboration.

PSNI gathers and rigorously certifies the top AV and UCC technology providers from around the world, enabling us to work as one organization. Its innovative model allows best-in-class providers to work as one collaborative organization, bringing scalable, standardized technology solutions and managed services to organizations everywhere. That means we can achieve more for our businesses than we could on their own and better help our customers—the technology end-users—create innovative communication experiences.

AV projects can be challenging to manage as your company expands into new regions and countries. Working with independent local integrators can result in fragmented deployments with a lack of standardized processes between sites.

There’s a better way. As a member of The PSNI Global Alliance, we can provide solutions, services, and support for projects in more than 200 cities worldwide. One point of contact and documented standardized processes. The same exceptional experience no matter where you need technology deployed.

The PSNI Global Deployment Process

1. Project Discovery

We work with you to discover your needs – on both local and global levels. We specialize in creating completely customized solutions designed for your needs.

2. Build Your Global Team

As your single point of contact, we will build the right team for your unique project and geographic goals and coordinate between Certified Solution Providers locally and globally.

3. Proposal and Scope

We will align all global Certified Solution Providers with your locations and deliver a concise, complete proposal with accurate pricing, process, and timeline.

4. Programming, Fabrication, Integration

This is where our globally synced teams show what they are best at, working based on our best-practices global deployment plan. Every location is fully standardized for a unified, productive future.

5. System commissioning

We will thoroughly test each system, identifying any potential issues before they arise to ensure quality in the long run.

6. Training

All end-users within an organization and the IT teams that support them can be given complete training to prepare them for day-to-day needs and troubleshooting.

7. Services and Support

Certified Solution Provider teams can also be assembled to provide ongoing software and hardware support, including upgrades and lifecycle management.

8. Customer Experience Survey

Above all, we want to ensure that every client in every location receives the same premium-level service and seamless technology. PSNI’s post-integration survey confirms that we are learning and improving as we go.


As part of this alliance, we can offer our customers coordinated partnerships with standardized and innovative solutions to facilitate and develop the best possible solutions for our customers.

One Alliance. Local Teams Worldwide.

For more information about the PSNI Global Alliance, please visit: www.psni.org

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