Our Expertise

Are you looking for a suitable cable for your projector? Does the organization move into a new office and need help planning, installing, and maintaining everything from auditoriums to conference rooms? Do you usually have video conferencing? Do you use digital collaboration tools and room booking? You do not need to look any further.

We solve all your projects in AV. You can read more about some of the businesses to which we deliver products and complete solutions below.

Conference Room & Meeting Room

Streamline meetings and conferences with practical solutions for audiovisuals. AVS takes a holistic approach to your conference and meeting room, from the large screen on the wall to the most miniature wall socket. We install and furnish sound systems, screens, projectors, lighting, control systems, room booking systems, and specially adapted furniture.

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing for companies has dramatically improved in recent years to save money and time. With webcams, microphones, speakers, and razor-sharp screens, video conferencing is as effective as a physical meeting where everyone is in the same place. Of course, we can supply custom facilities and software, etc.

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School, Classroom & Education

The digitalization of the school has been much talked about, and with a suitable facility, the work can be facilitated for both teachers and students. Today’s technology has the potential to make learning more fun and more effective. Control systems, sound systems, screens, interactive whiteboards, projectors, cable and contact management, digital signing, interactive screens, and room booking systems are practical tools for everyone who works at the school.

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Auditoriums & Lecture Room

Make sure that the speaker is both visible and heard. With the right equipment for audio, light, and video, auditoriums and lecture rooms can become effective places of knowledge.

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Public Environments

Think of all the places where solutions in audiovisuals can be helpful. We can help with systems for digital screens, info kiosks, sound systems, and extensive video walls.

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Event & Stage

To be heard and seen is everything at events and stage activities. We supply and install high-quality audiovisual equipment, including mixers, speakers, and microphones. Live projections of Olof Werngren can be seen in the picture. Photo: Johan Persson

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Enjoy professional sound. We offer professional recording and editing equipment for AV, including cameras and mixers.

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